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Cupressocyparus castelwellan gold  Exochorda The Bride Pieris Flaming Silver
Prunus laurocerasus Fuchsia Mrs Popple Pieris Mountain Fire
Aucuba Rozannie Hebe Emerald Green Pieris Variegata
Azalea Annfrank Hebe Red Rum Potentilla Sophies Blush
Azalea Hino Crimson Hebe Variegata Potentilla Primrose Beauty
Azalea Nico Heuchera Palace Purple Potentilla Red Ace
Azalea Orange Beauty Heuchera Ruby Bells Pyracantha Orange Glow
Berberis Harlequin Hydrangea Mop Head Teller Red Skimmia Formanii (F)
Berberis Rose Glow Hydrangea Mop Head Teller White Skimmia Rubella (M)
Buddleia Black Knight Hypericum C Hidecote Spiraea Gold Mound
Buddleia White Profusion Ilex Aquifolium Spiraea Magic Carpet
Buddleia Royal Red Ilex Green Hedge Spiraea Snow Mound
Camellia Grand Slam Ilex Silver Queen Viburnum Tinus
Ceanothus Blue Mound Lavatera Burgundy Wine Viburnum Tinus Eve Prince
Choisya Sundance Lavatera Oblia Rosea  
Cistus Alan Fradd Lavandula Munstead  
Cistus Sunset Lavandula Pappillon  
Coprosma Fire Burst Leptospermum Red Damask  
Cotoneaster Coral Beauty Lewisia Little Plum  
Cotoneaster Horizontalis Leucothoe Scarletta  
Cotoneaster Salic Repens Photinia Little Red Robin  
Cotoneaster Queen of Carpet Photinia Red Robin  
Euonymus Emerald Gaiety Photinia Stranvaesia Dav Pallette  
Euonymus Emerald N Gold Physocarpus Diablo  
Euonymus Sunspot Pieris Forest Flame  

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