Welcome to Finn Valley Nursery hints and tips. 


Spring Tasks

Prepare the ground by digging and hoeing once frost is clear.

 Prune rubbish from last year's growth.

Plant bare-rooted trees and bushes.

Spread last year's compost.

Plant hedgerows.


Summer Tasks

Plant new plants in containers or in the soil, following planting instructions.

Water plants as necessary.

Hoe to remove and prevent weeds.

Add clippings and weeds to compost.

Autumn Tasks

Prune trees and bushes as necessary.

Harvest fruits when ready.

Harvest seeds for planting next year.

Spray roses.

Winter Tasks

Prune and tidy up the year's growth.

Turn over empty parts of the vegetable garden, adding manure or compost.

Protect tender plants from frost by covering with thermal plastic.


It's time to clean up your garden for the winter and to trim/prune dead or unwanted parts of trees and bushes. Click for more information.